That final stage of released purpose, what teachers like Lance Wallnau call “convergence,” is not experienced by the majority of Jesus’ followers today. In my own experience and searching, it seems like there are enough such people sprinkled around the world by God just to keep like interesting, maintain hope, and to continue to advance His Kingdom, but we need new armies of passionate lovers of Jesus who shamelessly exhibit His qualities in authenticity born of His will and our brokenness. Most who do reach “convergence,” where purpose and design are not only understood but apprehended by faithfulness through trials, seem to do so around age 50, though Jesus proved it could be done by age 30.

When Jesus began His public ministry, He knew exactly who His Father was and what His purpose(s) was (read the number of different reasons Jesus said why He came, and they seem so different, but He knew the common thread joining it all together and chose not to say it, for reasons we can only guess). The point is that Jesus knew exactly who He was, what He would be doing, the kind of miracles that would be seen (He told Nathaniel in John 1:50 “You will see greater things than these.”), and all the other lessons of life by the time He started. At that point of released purpose, Jesus was able to bear fruit out of a deep well of intimacy and earned authority where pretty much nothing could stop Him. That’s the point of released purpose where God wants to see His children live. Jesus is our standard – not our impossible exception. If I’m going to follow Jesus, why am I settling for less than what He demonstrated a man can do when He believes God?

The three “stages” above are not rigidly distinct. God reveals pieces of one’s purpose and design while on this lifelong journey with Him, but knowing some of these insights does not signify full maturity. Also, some people (usually in Asian cultures) may come to a firmer realization of stage 2 before stage 1, but those first two stages are fully realized before attaining stage 3. There are many other “level ups” or revelations between these stages, but broadly speaking, the three stages are significant milestones with unique characteristics along the way to becoming more like Christ. God is pleased with His children at every stage when that stage is appropriate for that time and season. God knows the books of each person’s life and alone is the judge of how each of us is doing. Our part is to remain abiding in Jesus and as much in love with Him as we know to do at this time, being faithful where we have been placed in order to become people who can handle more with integrity.