• The point of the Christian part of my life is to go to church, give them money, and bring others, so that they hear the good news and get eternal life. Truth: John 17:3-4.
    God’s purpose for me hinges on what I do. Truth: Jer. 1:5 + Eph 2:10. God had a task for you to do and designed you with excellence and precision to do it. Your choice is whether or not to trust Him and walk in it.
  • Extraordinary people in the Bible and history are inherently special and different; it is impossible for me to be like them, and so I won’t desire it or pray for it. Truth: James 5:17.
  • People can only serve God in ministry, not in regular life. What is ministry? Truth: Luke 10:25-37.
  • Personality tests, even explicitly pagan-sourced ones like the Enneagram, are harmless or even beneficial for Christians to use to understand how God designed them. Truth: 2 Cor. 5:17, Col. 2:8, Jer. 1:7
  • Humility is acknowledging that I can do nothing without God, and I’m not perfect like some people, so I’ll just do nothing and continue to talk about what I can’t do. Truth Psalm 139:14. That’s not humility, that’s judging the work of your Creator. It would be humble if you had created yourself.
  • I’m afraid to find out if my purpose is more or less important than someone else’s. Truth: John 21:21-22.
  • If I sincerely ask God what He’s really designed me to be and to do, I don’t know that I’ll like it. God knows this and probably won’t tell me the whole truth. Truth: Luke 10:25-35, James 1:5-8. Jesus wants you to count the cost and will not hide it.
  • I’ve been living my purpose for years, thank you very much. Truth Heb. 13:7-8, Matt. 12:33-37.
  • I cannot hear God. He doesn’t talk to me. Truth: John 10:27.
  • I’m saved by faith in Jesus, so there’s nothing left for me to do. Truth: Heb 6:1-12. Actually, your life is in grave danger if you don’t embark on the journey with Jesus that salvation initiates (not finishes).
  • If I find my purpose, I’ll be happy. Truth: Matt. 10:39
  • Holiness and maturity make people all the same. I don’t want to be boring. Truth: Rom. 12:4-8.
  • The MBTI says that I’m an ENTJ. I like that, and that’s who I am. Truth: Prov. 16:9, 2 Tim 4:3-4.
  • I sinned last year, and now I think God’s plans for me are thwarted. Truth: Prov. 19:21, Job 42:1-6, Isaiah 46:9-13. Acts 13:36 (David’s sins had little to do with whether he fulfilled or not, there are other factors at work).
  • My life has proven that God has no further use for me. I’m an example of what not to do. Truth: Jer. 15:10-11, Rom. 8:28-30.
  • It’s not bad to pursue worldly success for a while and then give God a few years at the end or on the sidelines. We shouldn’t judge people who do that. Truth: Luke 12:15-21, Luke 16:13.
  • Some people will always just be at a higher level than me; maybe I’m supposed to be a mid-level manager in heaven. Yeah, that’s an okay place to be for eternity. Better to be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord, after all. Truth: 1 Cor 3:7-15. Your “race” is not about being better than others, but about being the best you. God is not building a tower with His people, but a garden. You don’t know what kind of plant you might become, but whatever it is, be the best reflection of His design as possible. When you rob yourself of who you might become, you rob everyone else of that glory.