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Releasing Purpose is a family of designed bootcamp journeys and equipping communities to bring you into Kingdom living. Did you know that God is ready and willing to solve every problem on earth, right now, this instant? All He needs are the sufficient number of dedicated people clear in their calling and working in them. “Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” We are praying for and serving an overwhelming force of God’s family living their unique and corporate callings in everyday life.

The world is the way it is today because of the way God's people were living yesterday. The way the world will be tomorrow depends on how God's people live today. We influence tomorrow by building up people dedicated to God today.

God will turn around any neighborhood, organization, city, or nation if He only has 10% of the hearts in that territory dedicated to His mission and not their own. That’s all the remnant He needs. Our vision is to raise up mature leaders who discern the Holy Spirit’s assignments and placements for them and their families. Then, reformational miracles will occur in local churches, families will be restored, businesses revitalized, and eventually nations transformed by the power of God, where God alone can receive the credit. We just need more workers!

With God’s power, we mobilize. We let Him strategize. We don’t tell people their calling or where they should serve God. Instead, we do all that is in our authority to help them hear it from God directly, see it, describe it, walk in it, and find others doing it. Many excellent ministries are waiting and praying for the leaders we’re setting out to raise up and mobilize for their Kingdom assignments (wherever they are). We want to equip other ministries to finish the work God has sent them to do, by supplying the mature people they need to work the harvest.

Many consider this holistic, Spirit-directed life planning process as "advanced discipleship." But we consider this conversation with God to be a foundation laid upon the Cornerstone for enlistment into the resurrected life Jesus has saved us into. Our dream is for every follower of Jesus to name their special calling, for that lever to be connected to reality, and to live it in community for the salvation of our communities and the renewal of America's institutions, and the world’s.

In times past, many could live fruitful lives without intentional effort and mentoring to discern one's special calling. But the multiplicity of vocational options and the breakdown of natural mentoring relationships means the clarity gap in our culture has real life and death implications for most followers of Jesus (and especially for those God has designed us to serve with the power of the Gospel lived in real life).

The whole process can take 2-5 years, or people might find they have all they need to live fruitfully from RP part way through and move on to other opportunities for serving and learning. It’s endlessly flexible because God’s training is so individualized and organic. Our part is to present the whole Gospel in full application, while reducing the friction that comes from mismatched learning styles, pigeonholed thinking, or unnecessary community format limits. Participant efforts will be rewarded with multiplying, unlocked personal growth in Christ.

Recruits (not “students”) can begin with the Clarity or Maturity journeys. Neither track is required to be finished to start the other one. However, only people who have completed both the Clarity and Maturity journeys will be eligible to begin the Unity 1 or Posterity 1 bootcamps. Acceptance into these final bootcamps requires personal interviews and discernment of one’s life stage and preparation for ministry in their defined field of work.

Because American Christians are often stretched across multiple commitments, we expect to offer every bootcamp in very different formats (where transformation is still viable), from weekly home-based communities, to college courses, to weekend accelerators, or even city-wide public gatherings like Bible Study Fellowship or Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. An ecosystem will enable recruits to access different bootcamps in different formats that match their season of life and the Holy Spirit’s prompting. The accessible ecosystem will enhance momentum and reduce excuses.

Ask to see what options are currently available. (Currently an online community with open enrollment)

There comes a time when we cannot maximize the lives God has designed for us with only a general sense of where we're going. The simple fact is that most life planning products don't work.

Few purpose-releasing toolsets are built on God's Kingdom from the ground up. Releasing Purpose is training and a facilitated community experience that is:

  • Breakthrough built,
  • Gospel-grounded, and
  • vocationally targeted.

What does "breakthrough" really mean? It means that you discover patterns and potential that change the trajectory of your life. It means that you name what God put you on earth to do. It means creatively imagining where God is taking your life and prioritizing singular goals to get there. It's all about traction: deep reflection that leads to meaningful new action.

You already know what breakthrough doesn't mean. That's when you attend a class or read a book and get more information with no transformation. It's easy to find new ideas that tickle your mind but don't retrain your feet. I call it a Life Plop, not a Life Plan.

Breakthrough means that you really name what God put you on earth to do - and you get to actually DO it.

There are probably 200+ marks of a mature disciple-making leader (we hope to map them all and address them in our curricula in an intentional way), but if we had to reduce them to their simplest essentials, we think this formula closely reflects the factors God needs in a person for them to produce desired fruit. Any simpler than this formula would not do justice to what God has done in the transformation of one of His “greats” who make disciples who make disciples.

The clarity 1 bootcamp addresses the need for calling clarity head-on, while Clarity 2 addresses the key issue of reducing foci (“focuses”).

The Maturity 1 bootcamp addresses the need for character maturity head-on, while Maturity 2 addresses the key issue of overcoming deep soulical and spiritual strongholds.

The Unity 1 and 2 bootcamps increase the disciple’s walk with divine alliances, from recognizing them to serving and guarding them, and to being one who is “clubable” enough to make instantaneous and spontaneous wise partnerships for Kingdom advancement. At this stage, the disciple is a leader God is already using, and is the kind of person every organization wants to hire and work with. But there is more to go.

The Posterity 1 and 2 mentorships address advanced topics in all five factors of the formula to reach and maximize the convergence phase of life.

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