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"I feel like my life needs an adjustment, but how can I find out where to start?"

My world just changed from under my feet.

My world needs to change.

I don't know what my world needs.

My life doesn't come with a manual.
Or not even a quick start guide!
On top of it all, the Author seems to be keeping silent.

We've experienced most of life's business and ministry curveballs.
(And tried all the tools and "solutions.")

So, we built an intentional process for you to receive boatloads of wisdom and clarity only God can give.

Hours Condensed to the Best
Bootcamps Per Journey
Journeys to Convergence
Shared Purpose

Here's your journey to living Fruitfully

All of our journeys have multiple points to jump on board.

1. Join a Cohort

We'll gather 2-4 more people who will complete a Clarity journey with you over an agreed schedule.

2. Hear God's Voice

You'll immerse in a facilitated conversation with God using professionally gathered exercises.

3. Experience Breakthrough

You'll mine data for insights, turn insights into conclusions, and weave conclusions into fruitful, actionable perspective.

Focused For Fruitfulness

Releasing your purpose takes intentional time with God, but every hour you invest in our process saves you many hours searching for the principles, prayers, and people we’ve already gathered for you to find your next steps.

Designed For You

Believers from all walks of life are welcome into our gatherings. If Jesus can work with specialties as diverse as fishermen and tax collectors, so can we. Our one requirement is a hunger to live more effectively with God.

Safe & Confidential

Share as much or as little as you wish. We’ve designed the shared training experience so that you can benefit significantly even while holding your cards close. At no point will you experience pressure to bare your heart.

Biblically Sound

Our training stands on the shoulders of faithful heroes from many diverse streams of Christian leadership. At any time, you are welcome to ask more deeply about the foundations of what we teach and how we prioritize it.

Why does Releasing Purpose work so well?

Our structured gatherings hold several dynamics simultaneously that most classes, small groups, and other experiences leave behind.
You'll find ALL of these activities present EVERY week you spend together with us.

1. Teaching

"It's easy to memorize the Word of God

when your life depends on it."


Allowing God's Word to distinguish truth from error for everyday life wisdom leads to engaging conversations. At every gathering, we distinguish among maxims heard around our culture and locate their appropriate place.

2. Training

When was the last time a leader showed you how to accomplish what your church challenged you with on Sunday morning?


So few believers have a safe place to learn how to practice what's preached, that the Word in them is underutilized. We start with the essentials of hearing God's voice and move up from there.

3. Tools

Who doesn't like a good personality test that tells you what sort of potato you are?


Actually, most "pro" tools from the business and psychology fields don't work to accurately ID something real about you. Yet, some do! So, we tried them all and designed an integrated toolset for you and God to use for spectacular insight.

4. Toybox

Choose your adventure each week with each lesson's Toybox of optional applications.

The exercises you apply while at home will vary from the person next to you, and yet you can help one another toward significant breakthrough.

5. Cohort Discussion

To fully see what you've heard, you need to say it. And to fully learn what you've received, you need to teach it.

Each gathering carefully manages time so everyone has an opportunity to fulfill their responsibility to speak.

6. Wide Perspective

The Kingdom's DNA doesn't belong to a particular denomination, movement, or favored historical monument.

Therefore, our curriculum borrows from a wide variety of Judeo-Christian leadership expressions and prophetically prioritizes what God is doing now in the world. Participants will experience living in the global reformation that is already here.

7. Peculiar Uniqueness

This list stops here because our founder likes the number 7 (plus cat humor, physics analogies, long hours looking at maps, and seeking the root truth about everything).

Seriously, each participant is designed by God to be exceedingly unique. We celebrate and don't fight what's of God in you. Come distinguish what's actually a feature versus a flaw.

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    You don't have to feel stuck anymore

    The moments you could be realizing in your special calling are too valuable to keep missing.
    Even now, others need you fulfilling your faith in order for them to discover their potential and special calling in Christ.

    Feeling I'm In the Wrong Place

    God designs and provides a context uniquely suited to grow you in every season toward fruitfulness. Learn how to be in the right place.

    Too Many Directions

    God designed you to live fruitfully from who you are and not from what you're good at doing, or from who others expect you to be.

    No Key People to Support My Calling

    A valiant spouse, supportive family, and faithful friends are all gifts from the Lord. Learn how to BE a gift and mutually support callings.

    Serious Questions Go Unanswered

    God designed your soul such that "hope deferred makes the heart sick." Together, we'll face these serious questions head on.

    Can't Articulate or Focus on Calling

    God designs your great works and story before crafting you as His masterpiece to get there. Learn to see it and say it.